Pandemic Accelerates Estate & Wealth Management Planning

The global health crisis has understandably triggered in all of us a current awareness of our own mortality and morbidity exposure; which when combined with an upward interest and capability in digital transactions and the sudden availability of the time to ponder/review such personal planning contingencies has resulted in an acceleration of personal Estate & […]

Just in Case Planning

My post of May 13th (Things To Keep In Mind) confirmed that many of our clients are currently reviewing the risk protection aspect of their estate plans in light of hopefully temporary pandemic related diminishment of business valuations, investment portfolios and employee benefit coverages. It was interesting to read Rob Carrick’s article in the May 28th […]

A Great Time to Talk

In the normal scheme of things most employee and executive benefit and pension plans tend to wander from their initial design. Almost without fail, the original relevance of these programs to the corporation’s mission statement diminishes, either because the company’s philosophy has changed or the benefit program has taken on a life of its own. […]

Underwriting in a Pandemic

During my almost 30 years of managing  Etherington Generation’s Underwriting & Service desk we have seen many dramatic and positive advances. Of course, just as technology develops even more improvements, the necessary financial , medical and privacy compliance regulations expand. These latter requirements are designed to protect the vast majority of applicants for life insurance, […]

Just in Time vs Just in Case Planning: Incredible Times & Consequences

We have all found ourself in a strange place over the past 3 months as an invisible enemy penetrated the ramparts of the world , bringing with it dread or distress.   Suddenly, on a dime, thoughts of Spring Break, record stock market valuations, consumer confidence and low unemployment, summer festivals and Family reunions were […]

Things to Keep in Mind

Worried, stunned and fearful as we all are by the way our world has suddenly and dramatically changed , the first thing we have to all remember, including this writer, is that treatments will emerge, a vaccine will be discovered and life will resume. Saddened by the incredible manner in which this pandemic has diminished […]

Continuing Employee Benefit Coverage & Premium Flexibility

Canadian insurance companies are striving to provide small businesses some flexibility in continuing benefits coverage to their employees Similar to many financial institutions, Canadian insurance companies recognize that we are living through the greatest social, economic and health challenge in generations and good employee health has never been more critical. Most benefit carriers are relaxing […]

Government Continues To Listen

Prime Minister Trudeau today announced additional positive changes pertaining to increased flexibility in the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Plan and the Canada  Summer Jobs program after concerns raised about small businesses and students falling between the cracks. For details please go to:

Life Insurance Companies Demonstrating COVID-19 Flexibility

A combination of relaxed underwriting, enhanced digital channels and coverage extensions reflect measures being introduced by many Canadian Life Insurance companies. Certain large carriers are temporarily expanding their risk tolerance by relaxing certain underwriting requirements. Many carriers are accelerating improved electronic delivery options and expanding digital processes ( a much welcomed development ). Some carriers […]

Further 75% Wage Subsidy details & Interaction with CERB

  The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy