Happy Holidays from Etherington Generations – 50 Years in Business

  In 2018 Etherington Generations will celebrate 50 years in business; 50 years volunteering within our community and 50 years volunteering for our Industry. Some people know us through of one of these ​pillars​; others across several. Few across all ​three.​ How has it worked? A constant theme has been four Etherington Partners; but 6 equal voices: […]

Tuesday Talks with Brian Etherington: Insurance Purchasing Cooperative

The very thought of Employee Benefit programs is akin to watching paint dry in the minds of many – until a serious claim occurs – which sharpens the attention of both employees and employers. It may come as a surprise to learn that employees repeatedly across Canada have indicated preference for a benefit plan or […]

When Marketing Your Benefits Plan – Are Those Savings Real?

We are often asked by our group health & dental clients if completing an RFP on their plan will result in savings? Invariably the answer is yes!  However that yes comes attached to the fact that at the first renewal much of those savings will disappear.  It is important to understand what drives the initial […]

10 questions to answer when reviewing the benefits plan offered to your employees

While there are many variables to consider when reviewing your benefits plan, we believe the following  10 questions will help guide you towards designing the right plan for your organization: What is the “Purpose” of the Plan? Do the benefits align with your company’s overall mandate? Does your company have a Benefits Philosophy? How is […]

Advocating for clients

In our industry being an advocate for our client is of paramount importance; whether it be at the beginning of the relationship when outlining solutions to needs; whether it be during the underwriting process when health history may impact underwriter’s decisions; or whether it be at claim time to ensure the benefit is paid, ultimately finding […]