Trust And The Family Enterprise

Who could have predicted or imagined only a few short months ago the place our world has entered?
We will get to the other side of this and in no small part because, as has been demonstrated globally, the human spirit is indomitable.
Björn Owen Glad wrote on March 27th, 2020 that “social distancing is an oxymoron”.
What I believe he meant was that once our incredibly necessary self isolation, social distancing and quarantining have bought the time for  treatments and a vaccine to have been discovered – our world needs to retain this positive commonality of spirit and permanently move closer together.
We have seen this demonstrated by our heroic front line patriots in every imaginable and essential  segment of our society as well as coordinated governmental economic responses globally.
For the immediate future we must trust our institutions, our governments, our scientists, researchers and medical specialists.
As we contemplate tomorrow – we have been given an opportunity to reflect upon who we are and who we would like to become.
Family Enterprises in Canada operate in every sector and impact every community across the country; they generate just under half of Canada’s private GDP  and seven million jobs. We are all well placed to embrace the incredible challenges ahead and provide solutions for the questions the new world will be asking.