Stakeholder Capitalism

  In advance of the recent prominence of social equality protests, I was struck by an article written by the Chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, and published in the Globe & Mail on December 2nd, 2019 entitled “The Case for Stakeholder Capitalism”. In it, Mr. Schwab asks what kind of capitalism we […]

Out of the Darkness by Brian Etherington

In reflecting upon the past twelve months we have all experienced events which were previously anathema to us: the tragic pandemic and the assault on democracy at the US Capitol bookending the year.   “The New Normal” has entered our lexicon in so many ways that were previously unthinkable: lockdowns, virtual learning, masks, social distancing, isolation, sickness , […]

“How to Help the Helpers” by Brian Etherington

Whilst Canadians are attempting to cope with the personal and corporate economic challenges of the pandemic it is not surprising to learn that charities in Canada have experienced a roughly 75% reduction in donations and 50% less engagement from volunteers; which may see as many as 33% of Canada’s over 86,000 registered charities fail. As […]

Views on Risk: Pre & Post Pandemic by Brian Etherington

History has taught us unsurprisingly that the farther away in time we are from a tragedy the more our collective memory fades of it’s consequences. This condition of course is exacerbated when we are facing something that we have never faced before. As written by Laurence Mussio in his article in the Globe & Mail […]

Unconquerable Human Spirit by Brian Etherington

Having contracted polio at the age of nine months many years ago and listened to the stories of how my Mother and Father coped in that pandemic; I never thought for a moment that the modern world would in my lifetime be brought to its knees by another. I was placed in quarantine in Hamilton […]

Just in Time vs Just in Case Planning: Incredible Times & Consequences

We have all found ourself in a strange place over the past 3 months as an invisible enemy penetrated the ramparts of the world , bringing with it dread or distress.   Suddenly, on a dime, thoughts of Spring Break, record stock market valuations, consumer confidence and low unemployment, summer festivals and Family reunions were […]

A Potentially Overlooked Financial Resource

COVID-19’s severe impact on the economy is weighting liquidity access significantly higher in the consideration of any investment vehicle. Experts strongly advise against the disposition of well-structured but currently depressed investment portfolios today; as patience historically recaptures value over time. As written by Andrew Willis in the April 14th, 2020 Globe and Mail, some of […]

Trust And The Family Enterprise

  Who could have predicted or imagined only a few short months ago the place our world has entered? We will get to the other side of this and in no small part because, as has been demonstrated globally, the human spirit is indomitable. Björn Owen Glad wrote on March 27th, 2020 that “social distancing […]

Family Enterprises and the New World

Any family enterprise or privately held business came into being for a reason. Its founder(s) had an idea or a passion, an aptitude or skill for the deliverance of a service, thought or product. Generally every imaginable obstacle was put in its path: financial constraints, marketplace conviction, labour uncertainties, compliance, technology, research, supply, distribution, productivity […]

Government Continues To Listen

Prime Minister Trudeau today announced additional positive changes pertaining to increased flexibility in the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Plan and the Canada  Summer Jobs program after concerns raised about small businesses and students falling between the cracks. For details please go to: