Tuesday Talks with Kirsteen Etherington: Simple Estate Planning Tip – Where Is This Stuff

A subject that can be difficult to think about and plan for – but one that is essential for every family – is the preparation and proper financial planning for the eventuality of a loved one’s passing. We tend to delay this important discussion and in so doing can make the relatively simple acts of […]

Tuesday Talks with Brian Etherington: Wealth & Well Being

A leading cultural and spiritual question of the current era is how to make wise decisions in an age of affluence. The increase of personal affluence and wealth has put before increasing numbers of people the opportunity to decide something substantial: whether and how they wish to move from an emphasis on the quantity of […]

Tuesday Talks with Brian Etherington: Fixed Income Investment Considerations

Prudent and successful investors weigh risk tolerance; safety of capital; potential for growth; efficient tax treatment which doesn’t negate the benefit of certain types of investment and harmonious integration with their own financial and estate planning objectives when structuring their investment portfolios. In this historic time of low interest rates some investors may at their peril assume […]

Happy Holidays from Etherington Generations – 50 Years in Business

  In 2018 Etherington Generations will celebrate 50 years in business; 50 years volunteering within our community and 50 years volunteering for our Industry. Some people know us through of one of these ​pillars​; others across several. Few across all ​three.​ How has it worked? A constant theme has been four Etherington Partners; but 6 equal voices: […]

Tuesday Talks with Brian Etherington: The Who and Why of Philanthropic Giving

  Canadians have proven themselves to be generous; carry a sense of duty towards their fellow citizens in need and have a clear understanding that to address philanthropy is to engage in moral biography. Speaking as our guest to the Board of Directors of a national Canadian charity, Dr. Paul Schervish, of the Centre on […]

Tuesday Talks with Brian Etherington: What is Wealth?

Wealth can result from a passive action such as a lottery ticket, an inheritance, a discovery or a gift; but for the vast majority of people it is the result of a journey. Christopher Columbus said that: “You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”. The […]

Tuesday Talks with Brian Etherington: Risk Management-Ancient Origins & Modern Application

The transference or distribution of risk had its origins from Chinese and Babylonian sea traders in the 3rd Millennia BC who would redistribute their cargo across many vessels to mitigate loss from the sinking of any one vessel. 1,000 years later the merchants of Rhodes created the principle of  “General Averages” whereby a premium would […]

Estate Planning: How to keep the cottage in the family

  Corporate shares; bond certificates; investment accounts and gold bars are representative of some of the assets created by a lifetime of work; but none carry the collective emotive of the Family cottage.   The joyous memories perhaps across multi generations almost always result in concern about how, among the generations to follow, will succession occur and the stewardship continue. […]

Philanthropic Giving in Canada Part 5

Example: The Gift that Keeps on Giving  Assume you are considering making a charitable gift of $1 million.  If you made that gift today, you would receive an income tax credit for this amount and receive a refund of $500,000, leaving a net cost of $500,000. You could also just make a gift today of […]

Philanthropic Giving in Canada Part 4

Tax Assistance for Charitable Donation Example: Tax Assistance for Gift of Cash vs. Publicly Traded Securities                               Cash Publicly Traded Securities Fair Market Value of Donation $1,000,000 $1,000,000 Top Marginal Tax rate                                              46% 46% Value of Charitable  Donations Credit (A) $460,000 $460,000 Typical Cost Base Security   $400,000 Capital Gain Security   $600,000 Capital […]