Tuesday Talks with Kirsteen Etherington: Simple Estate Planning Tip – Where Is This Stuff

A subject that can be difficult to think about and plan for – but one that is essential for every family – is the preparation and proper financial planning for the eventuality of a loved one’s passing. We tend to delay this important discussion and in so doing can make the relatively simple acts of […]

Tuesday Talks with Kirsteen Etherington: Underwriting and Insurance Requirements

Over the years I have had the privilege of underwriting the insurance requirements of many interesting people: CEO’s, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, academics; politicians, legal, accounting and medical professionals, leading edge researchers, athletes and of course many wonderful men and women who are doing their best to look after their families and plan for their future. Insurance […]

Serious illness at a young age can trigger a financial crisis

  A serious illness at a young age can trigger a financial crisis Our ability to earn an income can be interrupted by disability, sickness or accident (see below link). SHARRATT, A. (2017, June1). A serious illness at a young age can trigger a financial crisis. The Toronto Star. Retrieved from www.thestar.com In that event […]

You Can’t Necessarily Protect Yourself from Illness – But You Can Protect Your Finances

We are often asked why our firm is such a proponent of critical illness insurance?  And to answer it – we almost always go back to the founder of the product (Dr. Marius Barnard) who had come to the conclusion that advances in science and medicine were enabling people to survive serious illnesses from a medical […]

Advocating for clients

In our industry being an advocate for our client is of paramount importance; whether it be at the beginning of the relationship when outlining solutions to needs; whether it be during the underwriting process when health history may impact underwriter’s decisions; or whether it be at claim time to ensure the benefit is paid, ultimately finding […]