Family Enterprises and the New World

Any family enterprise or privately held business came into being for a reason. Its founder(s) had an idea or a passion, an aptitude or skill for the deliverance of a service, thought or product.
Generally every imaginable obstacle was put in its path: financial constraints, marketplace conviction, labour uncertainties, compliance, technology, research, supply, distribution, productivity and relativity, to name but a few.
Their principals can be incredible allies in tackling some of the greatest challenges our new world will face.
In anticipation of this new horizon we should think about where we are in our own journeys:
– is our current entrepreneurial mission in keeping with where we started or want to go?
– do we have Family members or Managers/Employees who are instrumental to that future?
– have we sufficiently communicated the importance of their leadership?
– is the transference of our enterprise to the next generation important to us?
– do available monetization strategies of our brand equity fairly reflect its value?
– is leaving a legacy to our community of importance?
A review of those questions will equip us to move our own enterprises forward and help many others in tomorrow’s new world.