A Great Time to Talk

In the normal scheme of things most employee and executive benefit and pension plans tend to wander from their initial design. Almost without fail, the original relevance of these programs to the corporation’s mission statement diminishes, either because the company’s philosophy has changed or the benefit program has taken on a life of its own. […]

Underwriting in a Pandemic

During my almost 30 years of managing  Etherington Generation’s Underwriting & Service desk we have seen many dramatic and positive advances. Of course, just as technology develops even more improvements, the necessary financial , medical and privacy compliance regulations expand. These latter requirements are designed to protect the vast majority of applicants for life insurance, […]

Continuing Employee Benefit Coverage & Premium Flexibility

Canadian insurance companies are striving to provide small businesses some flexibility in continuing benefits coverage to their employees Similar to many financial institutions, Canadian insurance companies recognize that we are living through the greatest social, economic and health challenge in generations and good employee health has never been more critical. Most benefit carriers are relaxing […]

Government Continues To Listen

Prime Minister Trudeau today announced additional positive changes pertaining to increased flexibility in the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Plan and the Canada  Summer Jobs program after concerns raised about small businesses and students falling between the cracks. For details please go to: https://www.canada.ca/en/department-finance/economic-response-plan.html.

Life Insurance Companies Demonstrating COVID-19 Flexibility

A combination of relaxed underwriting, enhanced digital channels and coverage extensions reflect measures being introduced by many Canadian Life Insurance companies. Certain large carriers are temporarily expanding their risk tolerance by relaxing certain underwriting requirements. Many carriers are accelerating improved electronic delivery options and expanding digital processes ( a much welcomed development ). Some carriers […]

Further 75% Wage Subsidy details & Interaction with CERB

  The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy  

Perspective on Government of Canada deficits to fund COVID-19 Emergency Economic Relief, Stimulus & Deferrals

They’re World War deficit levels, but not the biggest or the baddest yet, writes Campbell Clark in the March 31st, 2020 Globe & Mail

Government of Canada Listens

   The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Increasing from 10% to 75% Wage Subsidies for qualifying businesses. This will greatly help businesses maintain payroll & employment with positive spinoffs for the economic recovery on the other side of the pandemic. Will cover 75% of salary on the first $58,700 earned, back dated to March 15 Any […]

Government introduces Canada Emergency Response Benefit to Help Workers and Businesses

Please find attached the Federal Government’s: Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERP) legislation approved on March 25th ; intended to provide up to $1,800 month net to workers who have lost income to the COVID -19 pandemic for up to 4 months.   Government introduces Canada Emergency Response Benefit to Help Workers and Businesses

Flattening the Virus Curve/Arresting Market Declines

  We now all understand the logic of social distancing and self-isolation: until recently, unfamiliar phrases.   US Senator Dr. Bill Cassidy says that by so doing, on average, we will avoid infecting six others; which will have a greater impact than all the health workers in the country in flattening the curve as a […]