Tuesday Talks with Kirsteen Etherington: Underwriting and Insurance Requirements

Over the years I have had the privilege of underwriting the insurance requirements of many interesting people: CEO’s, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, academics; politicians, legal, accounting and medical professionals, leading edge researchers, athletes and of course many wonderful men and women who are doing their best to look after their families and plan for their future.

Insurance against death, disability, critical illness or in support of long term care is intended to spread the risk of the few against the actuarial morbidity and mortality expectations of the many. Whilst the latter to a degree predicts the former; nevertheless it has been my experience that the more complete and precise information that I am able to present to the reinsurers the better the chance of an anomaly being explained or an information gap being filled.

The definition of biological age in www.Disabled-World.com is “…[A] shortfall between a population cohort average life expectancy and the perceived life expectancy of an individual of the same age…based upon a person’s physical and mental condition which expresses their true age.”

In other words a person whose chronological age is 60 could have a biological age of 50 or 70; or a 35 year old could be biologically 25 or 45. This can make a significant difference in the amount of risk premium a carrier may wish to reserve in any given case

Our confidential, inclusive and thorough approach has served our clients well over many years as we have established an element of positive reputation with the carriers and reinsurers which has translated into a track record of significantly more standard and preferred underwriting results for our clients. This also means fewer cases are declined, utilizing upon occasion temporary additional premium or coverage ratings based upon personalized factual histories.

Our clients have appreciated this approach to underwriting in the knowledge that there is a purpose to our questions and agreement that the underwriting process should be completed at the time of application rather than at the time of claim.

Kirsteen Etherington



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Kirsteen Etherington is Vice President at Etherington Generations and manages the underwriting and individual client servicing departments. In 2002 Kirsteen was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for significant contributions to Canada, Community and Fellow Canadians.