motionball 2019 Year in Review



Summary of growth in 2019: 


  • A big year of growth for motionball in many ways. In 2019, we hosted 41 events (up from 32 in 2018), and engaged over 11,700 participants and guests. Breakdown of events:
  • Marathon of Sport (city wide events) – 15 (vs 14 in 2018)
  • motionballU – 21 (18 schools vs 9 in 2018)
  • Galas – 3
  • Fall Classic – 1



Some key areas of growth:


  • motionballU: continues to be our fastest growing property, while creating a sustainable future for motionball and the Special Olympics movement at large. Only a few years ago, motionball was operating at just a few schools in Ontario. In 2018 there were 9 motionballU schools, and in 2019 that number doubled to 18 schools. 2020 is already off to a great school, with over 30 schools on board. Our strategic partnerships with both the Kin Games, and USports (governing body of University sport in Canada) were a key to success in the growth of this property. This was also made possible by the hard work of Emma Lambert, who has done an outstanding job working alongside students, schools, and Special Olympics chapters to make so many events possible.


  • Galas did very well in 2019 – all 3 sold out well in advance, a big increase in sponsorship and partnerships


  • Marathon of Sport. New province – NB! With the addition of a hugely successful launch event in Saint John, we are operating in ALMOST in every Canadian province! We also saw a steady increase in funds raised through community MOS events, with particularly significant growth in PEI and Cape Breton


  • motionball National Office: With the addition of so many events, and a desire to increase support from the national office, 2019 saw the addition of Emma Lewis to the motionball staff. Emma was hired immediately after completing her internship at motionball, and has been supporting largely on the expansion of motionballU since September. The motionball office now has 6 full time staff (2 past interns), and rotating interns. We also saw the departure of Mariah, but welcomed Clarice Nasato to the team, who jumped right into things leading up to the Gala and AGM.


  • 3rd party events – In 2019 we saw more and more 3rd party fundraisers in support of motionball. We’re seeing more people making motionball part of their lives year round, and thinking of new and creative ways to support us. For example, we’ve seen creative partnerships with local businesses who raise funds for motionball all year, single sport tournaments to keep participants engaged year round, spin/workout classes where all proceeds support MOS, student fundraisers throughout the school year, golf tournaments, and have been named beneficiaries of existing community events. There is certainly a big appetite for this, and this could be a key way to increase fundraising and engagement year-round. One of our goals for 2020 is to make motionball the charity of choice for events in the various cities we operate in.


  • Sponsorship – Saw a  major increase in local sponsorship and corporate teams this past year. 157 sponsors in 2018 (combo of in kind and cash). 243 in 2019. Over 50% of MOS cities had presenting sponsors. Increase of motionballU sponsorship. First presenting sponsorships of motionball (RBC – with the most for growth). $927,000 in spornsorship/corporate dollars from MOS and Galas. While we have some work to do with national sponsorship, our local committees have really stepped up and are expanding our network of sponsors.