Perspective on Government of Canada deficits to fund COVID-19 Emergency Economic Relief, Stimulus & Deferrals

They’re World War deficit levels, but not the biggest or the baddest yet, writes Campbell Clark in the March 31st, 2020 Globe & Mail


Have you bought your ticket yet for the 2019 motionball Toronto Gala, Friday February 1st at the Liberty Grand? Thanks to your support, tickets to the motionball Toronto Gala have SOLD OUT for the past 5 years, so hurry over to before all of the tickets are gone! Hosted by Devo Brown you don’t want […]

Etherington Brothers Awarded The Meritorious Service Decorations Medal

The Meritorious Service Decorations (Civil Division) are given to those who perform exceptional deeds that bring honour to our country. This February, the Etherington brothers are being presented this tremendous award for their volunteer work with motionball for Special Olympics over the past 15+ years. Unbeknownst to many, Paul, Mark, and Sean are 100% volunteers, spending over 40% of their […]

Life Insurance as a Safe and Tax Effective Asset Class

My June 23rd, 2015 article entitled: “Fixed Income Considerations”, spoke to how Insured Deposit Funds (IDF’s) are forming meaningful portions of the fixed income portfolios of Canadians. An excellent background paper on this subject is: “Life Insurance as an Asset Class” in which its co-authors, Wayne Miller, BMATH, ASA, ACIA and Sally Murdock, MMATH, MMF, […]